Spring/Summer Work Shirts

Hate to admit it but every time I pop into Sainsbury’s I find myself in the TU section looking for work attire. Now, don’t get me wrong they have some absolute GEMS in every so often but I’m starting to become a walking Sainsburys advert! With this, some-what, strange reputation in mind (no shade, I love saino’s), I thought it was about time I moved past the shopping trolley vibe and hit the high-street.

I believe I need to start taking pride in my professional appearance as it really does ooze ‘don’t mess with me’ in the workplace. Two years ago they changed the dress code to ‘smart casual’ which, to be frank, screwed me over. There’s no smart, in ‘smart cas’ in our office. I find myself recycling the same casual outfits week in week out, I even wear them on the weekend! I seriously need an overhaul and I’m going to promise myself to start dressing professionally for work, who’s with me?!?! I might even get up a little earlier and apply a little more make-up.

Wow, promising myself big things here peeps!


Where do I get these from?

Blue stripe cold shoulder bow shoulder shirt
Cream Floral Embroidered Top
Blue Stripe Off Shoulder Top
Taupe Pussybow Satin Blouse
Matte Plisse Trumpet Top
Gold Silk front Tee



Frills and Ruffles

There is no doubt that frills are in this season! We have seen them feature in London, Paris, Milan and New York Fashion Week for many years and I love it. Personally, I feel that frills and ruffles have almost lay dormant in the High Street fashion industry for a number of years but in contrast, consistent on the catwalk. So i’m glad the delightfully feminine feature has broken through into the high street shops again.

I’m going on holiday in April so, obviously, I have been scouring the internet for my holiday wardrobe and have come across some really nice pieces, so I thought I would save you some time and put them all in one place.

Enjoy …

Where do I get these from?